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  • The students need to have enough arm strength to take the pressure off of their necks.
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    In order to roll, try to push the left hand as much as possible and the movement will.

  • This results from putting the top of ones head down on the floor so the weight of the body is supported by the neck, which is also likely to be bent back.
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    Can you break your neck doing a backward roll? It’s unlikely a gymnast will break their neck doing a backward roll however, it is still a real possibility that one should be.

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  • When pulling the head forward or backwards, because of the way our vertebrae are aligned (think cylinders stacked on top of each other), they pinch the spinal cord much more quickly and severely than when twisting side-to-side.
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    They’re called wall angels.

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    It's gotten better, almost gone in fact (been about a week), but should I be worried?.